Open Market On The D. Register Under new management, the Manor lodging house is by far the largest lodging house in Guernsey on the D Register with over sixty rooms two cottages and flats some accommodating a baby or small children two of those rooms are under construction now.

The building is being revamped, come and see for yourself our builders are finishing four rooms now each room will have a Fridge, Microwave, TV and Kettle in every room.

To live here you must be a resident of Guernsey or be working on the island with a valid work permit .or coming to work on the island with a promised job.

There is a new shop opening for all the essentials Bread, Milk, Butter, Toothpaste, Newspapers all the essentials that you might run out of. Opening soon a Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Bar, Function Room, with big screen TV. You effectively don't have to go out of the premises if you don't want to, almost everything is on site.

We have 3 laundry rooms with washing machines spin dryers and irons. Every room is serviced once a week with new fresh bed linen. There are many more features going in here, come and see the rooms and the facilities. You will be very impressed especially with what you get for your money.

Your rent is your only expense, there are no other hidden extras. You can come on a weekly tenancy for this you need one week's rent and one week in advance deposit, or you can have a monthly tenancy or a yearly tenancy. Once we have checked your credentials and you have picked your room you can move in straight away.

We can also accommodate you at the moment if you want to bring your own furniture or some of it. You can also at the moment pick a room that you want and our builders will have this ready within one to two weeks. (running behind that at the moment Can't keep up with the demand ) if you needed to move in whilst this room was being prepared we would accommodate you in another room.

You can't beat the Manor!
Nobody else can offer you theses kind of facilities on the Open Market D Register nobody is big enough!
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